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New Website

Sep 04, 2023

I’ve had a personal website of some form since the year 2000. The contents have varied but in recent years it’s been a few simple pages with a way for people to contact me. It’s important to me that friends old and new have an easy way to get in touch and this website has certainly helped with that over the years.

This latest iteration of the site continues in that tradition - with the exception of this blog, which is a new addition. In the past I’ve always turned off the blog functionality whenever I built a new personal website but this time I decided to keep it.

I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with this blog. Having a blog on a personal website in 2023 feels quaint, almost antiquated in the era of social media, iMessage/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram/etc group texts, Substack, and everything else floating around today.

All that said… I always though it’d be fun to have a music blog.

Colophon: this new site is powered by Jekyll, using the jekyllBear theme, and is hosted on GitHub Pages.